1) Student Name : Iyad Balloul

Title : "Commande robuste des systèmes non linéaires"
Date of defense : 18 January 2000.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Guy Bornard

2) Student Name : Nicolas Marchand
Title : "Commande à horizon fuyant des systèmes non linéaires:
Théorie et mise en œuvre"
Date of defense : 21 January 2000.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Hassan Hammouri

3) Student Name : Luis Antonio Calvillo-Corona
Title : "Quelques contributions aux observateurs non linéaires
à horizon glissant""
Date of defense : 19 December 2002.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir

4) Student Name : Ahmed Chemori
Title : "Control of walking Bipeds"
Date of defense : June 14th 2005.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Antonio Loria

5) Student Name : Fadi Ibrahim
Title : "Nonlinear control and estimation of Simulated moving bed chromatography"
Date of defense : October 25th 2006.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Jean-Pierre Corriou (LSGC-Nancy)

6) Student Name : Sid-Ahmed Attia
Title : "Optimal control of nonlinear hybrid systems"
Date of defense : December 2005.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Carlos Canudas de Wit

7) Student Name : Marc Houdebine
Title : "Modelization, optimization and realization of wide band and spectrally pure frequency loops entirely integrated on silicon"
Supervisors : Sebastien Dedieu (ST-Micro), Mazen Alamir & Olivier Sename

8) Student Name : Maher El-Rafei
Title : "Control of an Eel-like Robot"
Date of defense : 9 December 2008.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Nicolas Marchand

9) Student Name : André Murillo de Almeida Pinto
Title : "Stratégies de commande prédictive pour systèmes rapides"
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir

10) Student Name : Rachid Amari
Title : "Méthodologies de commande pour voiture à motorisation hybride thermique/électrique"
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Paolino Tona (Institut Français du Pétrole)

11) Student Name : André Murilo
Title : "Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Fast Systems"
Date of defense : December 2nd 2009.
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir

12) Student Name : Oumayma Omar
Title : "Signature Based Nonlinear Identification"
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir

13) Student Name : Mohamed Yacine Lamoudi
Title : "NMPC for Intelligent Buildings"
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir & Patrick Beguery (Schneider-Electric)

14) Student Name : Haiyang DING
Title : "Distributed NMPC for Partially cooperative Networks"
Supervisors : Mazen Alamir

15) Student Name : Fanny Clavel
Title : "Optimal Control of a Cryogenic Systems"
Supervisors : Alain Barraud & Mazen Alamir

16) Student Name: François Bonne
Title: "Distributed Control of a Cryogenic Plant"
Date of defense : December 12th 2014
Supervisors: Mazen Alamir

17) Student Name: Rogelio Lozano
Title: "Design and Control of a Kite Wind Generator"
Supervisors: Mazen Alamir and Ahmad Hably

18) Student Name: Mustapha Amine Rahmani
Title: "Control of a Stirling Engine"
Date of Defense : December 4th 2014.
Supervisor: Mazen Alamir

19) Student Name: Hugo Mesnage
Title: Commande hautes performances de systèmes de pompage à vitesse variable pour l'intégration d'énergie renouvelables
Supervisors: Mazen Alamir & Seddik Bacha

Date of defense: June 7th 2017

20) Student Name: Chloé Dedouits
Title: Reduction of the pics of power consumption: Algorithm and genericity.
Supervisor: Mazen Alamir & Claude Lepape (Company Schneider-Electric)

Date of defense : February 10th 2017

21) Student Name: Peter Pflaum
Title: Distributed control of energy flux in smart districts.
Supervisor: Mazen Alamir & Mohammed Yacine Lamoudi (Company Schneider-Electric)

22) Student Name: Van Vuong Trinh
Title: Identification of Nonlinear Piewe-Wise Monotonic Relationships with application to the distributed MPC design of cryogenic refrigerators.
Supervisor: Mazen Alamir & Patrick Bonnay (CEA-INAC).

23) Student Name: Amgad Tarek Abdelaty Mohamed
Title: Control of hydraulic turbines for the intergration of renewables.
Supervisor: Mazen Alamir 

24) Stuent Name: Jean Dobrowolski (Company Schneider Electric)

Title: Modeling, control and certification of a decentralized microgrid with random exogensous inputs and limited information. 

Supervisors: Mazen Alamir and Seddik Bacha

Date of defense: December 21, 2017.

25) Student Name: Audrey Moulichon (Company Scneider Electric)

Title: Conception d'un système adaptatif dynamique de "Générateur Synchrone Virtuel" pour la stabilisation des micro-réseaux électriques à fort taux de pénétration d'énergues renouvelables.
Supervisor: Nouredine Hadj-Said, Mazen Alamir Lauric Garbuio & Vincent Débuchère.

Date of defense: December 10th 2019.

26) Student Name: David Collet (IFPEN)

Title: Reduction of mechanical strains in large wind turbines by using LiDAR devices in stochastic Model Predictive Control.

Supervisors: Mazen Alamir & Domenico Di Domenico (IFPEN)

27) Student Name: Karthik Murali Madhavan Rathai

Title: Control of automotive systems

Supervisors: Olivier Sename & Mazen Alamir

Date of defense: NOvember 4th 2020.

28) Student Name: Kaouther Moussa

Title: Predictive Control under uncertainties applied to biological systems

Supervisors:  Mirko Fiacchini & Mazen Alamir 

Date of defense: December 16, 2020.

29) Student Name: Ana David

Title: Structured reinforcement learning for a better handling of energy consumers/producers flexibilities. 

Co-supervisor: Peter Pflaum (Schneider Electric Industrie).

Date of defense: 08/03/2023

30) Student Name: Xuan-Huy PHAM

Title: Hierarchical control of cryogenic refrigerators.

Co-supervisor: François Bonne (CEA).

Date of defense: 15/12/2022

31) Student Name: Houssem Meghnoudj

Title: Characterization and control of learning algorithms. Application to noisy medical data

Supervisors: Mazen Alamir and Bogdan ROBU

Date of defense: 18/01/2024

32) Student Name: Raphaël DION

Title: Méthodologies et algorithmes dédiés à la détection non supervisée des anomalies dans les séries temporelles industrielles

Supervisor: Mazen Alamir.

33) Student Name: Sacha Clavel 

Title: Model-Based Fault Detection and Isolation and Remaining Useful Life Estimation in industrial robot manipulators.

Supervisors: Mazen Alamir, Stéphane Blanc (Staubli)